Sho is currently residing in San Francisco, California, where she has been living the past 10 + years. She is half Japanese & half Korean.

She studied fine art and graphic design in Barcelona, Spain, where she grew up. This mix of cultures is often reflected in her work, which has been described as a merging of western European art influences with Asian influences such as, manga and sumi-e.

Her artwork has been exhibited at Disney’s Wonderground Gallery, the German Film Museum in Frankfurt and the Louisiana Modern Art Museum in Denmark, among other locations.

Lately her time has been divided between making style guides as well as her works in comics and her own art.




Marvel Entertainment
Warner Bros
DC Entertainment
Marvel Comics
DC Comics
Electronic Arts
Passion Pics
NBM Publishing
Papercutz Publishing



pUBLISHING credits

"All new HAWKEYE" , Marvel Comics, Alt Cover
"Womanthology , Star", IDW , Cover
"Elephantmen" , Issue ? ,Image Comics, Cover
"15 Love", Marvel Comics, Issues #1 , #2, #3 -Covers
"Star Wars Visions" (Abrams,11, 1, 2010) Illustrations
"ImageMakers, the cutting edge of Fashion illustration " ( Illustrations)
"Contos de Verao" ( Portuguese only- Illustrations)
"Shadow Hunter" series (Virgin Comics- Unreleased due to series cancellation) Covers
"Sei Death and Legend"(Image Comics -Nov 2003) Writer , Artist
"ME2", 192 pages (TokyoPop -August 14, 2007) Writer , Artist
"V2"( Profecy Mag) Writer, Artist

Nancy Drew Graphic Novel Series :
3. N C Files "Together with the Hardy Boys " Pencils (Cover by Paulo Henrique + Carlos Guzman)
2. N C Files :A Vampires Kiss (12-21-10) Cover & Pencils
1. N C Files: Vampire Slayer (9-14-10) Cover & Pencils
21. High School Musical Mystery #2 (2010-8-17)Cover & pencils
20. High School Musical Mystery#1 (2010-6-08) -Cover, pencils & color
19. Cliffhanger (2009-02-03) -Cover & pencils
18. City Under the Basement (2009-2-03) -Cover & pencils
17. Night of the Living Chatchke (2009-2-03) -Cover & pencils
16. What Goes Up (2009-2-03) -Cover & pencils
15. Tiger Counter (2008-11-25) -Cover & pencils
14. Sleight of Dan (2008-8-19) -Cover & pencils
13. Doggone Town (2008-5-27) -Cover & pencils & color
12. Dress Reversal (2008-1-22) -Cover & pencils
11. Monkey-Wrench Blues (2007-11-13) -Cover & pencils
10. The Disoriented Express (2007-8-07) -Cover & pencils & color
9. Ghost in the Machinery (2007-5-15) -Cover & pencils
8. Global Warning (2007-3-06) -Cover & pencils
7. The Charmed Bracelet (2006-11-28) -Cover only
6. Mr. Cheeters is Missing (2006-8-08) -Cover & pencils
5. The Fake Heir (2006-4-18) -Cover -Cover only
4. The Girl Who Wasn't There (2006-1-24) -Cover & pencils
3. The Haunted Dollhouse (2005-11-29) -Cover & pencils
2. Writ in Stone (2005-10-13) -Cover & pencils
1. The Demon of River Heights (2005-10-13) -Cover & pencils

Other works :

Some of the books you can find Sho's illustrations  in
Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (various numbers)
Imagemakers: Cutting Edge Fashion Illustration (Mitchell Beazley Art & Design)
Star Wars Art: Visions (Star Wars Art Series) Hardcover

Harajuku Girls Pin up Book, Cover & Illustrations
Heroines Pin Up Book , Cover & Illustrations
Monocrome pin ups
...And too many sketchbooks books to count